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TruKKer PULSE: The most advanced MIS and trucking dashboard

The overwhelming digital transformation overrode the existing technology concepts and showed platform-operated companies like Uber, Booking.com to be digital disruptors. Plus, the permeation of digital platforms also de-intermediated several industries while offering businesses a welcome relief in serving their hyperfragmented markets. However, the freight industry started aspiring to realize the ‘platform’ potential lately, owing to its long-standing notion of being an intermediary and redundant booking platform. But the already active digital undercurrent enticed the customers to demand the same flexibility, they enjoy in Uber bookings, from their online freight booking platforms. This made way for a revolution to induce ease and flexibility into the realm of digital freight booking platform.

Introducing, TruKKer PULSE – MENA’s most advanced digital freight booking platform for on-road transportation. It is an enterprise B2B platform wherein users can easily manage their bookings and transactions. They can book and trace their orders, check the transaction status, and view documents related to the truck and drivers for each transaction. All this from the comfort of any preferred digital device.



Let’s take a deep dive into its intricate features that promise the users of an unbroken supply chain through seamless land freight operations. Some of its key features are:

Real-time dashboards for live tracking and ensuring informed decisions:

Any supply chain continuum can become intrinsically imbalanced. The chronic challenge of visibility often results in poor tracking of the shipment on the move. And without any information, logistics personnel take stopgap approaches as an immediate solution to an emerging challenge.

TruKKer PULSE’s real-time dashboard gives a 360-degree view of any shipment’s whereabouts to facilitate informed decisions. Plus, the ongoing upgrade of ‘Control Tower’ with smart data-driven alerts is poised to impart a game-changing augmentation to the current version of PULSE. It will automatically alert the users of any upcoming or current roadblocks across the route.

Integration with the Driver App for real-time workflows and digital documents:

The best way to streamline the prerequisite documents in a convoluted industry like logistics is to have central storage with unfettered access on demand. Much better, if the communication between the transporter (or the driver) and the shipper can happen on a single channel.

The TruKKer Driver App, used by drivers, stores the invoice, Waybills, Proof of Delivery, etc. in a standardized and accessible format for the drivers in a central repository. It sits at the heart of the TruKKer information infrastructure and feeds PULSE with live data about the asset’s location. Now interactions between shippers and transporters can take place within the platform in a single communication channel while reducing data dispersion.

TruKKer PULSE in action

Centralized payments and credit overview management:

In trucking, financial documents and transaction logs dictate every momentary ebb and flow, and even a smallest flaw can hit the pause button. The main challenge is to manage, view these documents from a single platform in a real-time manner for better control.

TruKKer populates all the credible information in a single platform and makes it easy for its users to access and utilize information. Users can easily book and pay on a single platform. Also, they can check transaction status and view documents related to the truck and drivers for each transaction.

Instant price quotes on bidding across the TruKKer network:

Transparency helps build trust. And there is no better way to build trust than providing a fixed, upfront price to the users.

TruKKer does this by allowing its users to enjoy fixed price quotes on bidding for a load transporter across the extensive TruKKer network. It’s like a ‘what you see is what you pay’ model.

Standardized pricelist and instant booking for contracted clients:

The real-time availability status of trucks on the platform helps to ensure instant and assured bookings.

TruKKer PULSE exactly does so by coalescing all real-time information in one interface for guaranteed bookings to avoid any rollover.

TruKKer PULSE is a critical milestone in our journey to build an ecosystem of connected road freight operations. An ecosystem consisting of shippers, transporters, and TruKKer sharing a symbiotic relationship and the resulting change in the traditional land freight operations.


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