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5 Ways to Secure Maximum & Reliable Freight Capacity

Shippers loathe this dreaded feeling – carriers fail to pick up critical shipment due to any schedule overrun or a neck and neck war for capacity. Whatever be the reason, it will have you either dismay the customers or roll in a premium for last-minute capacity. But today’s freight marketplace has worn off the decades-old stiff and linear outlook. It’s the world of ecosystems that thrive on real-time communication, actionable decision-making, and deep insights into the less-explored corners of your supply chain. That’s how businesses meet their customer demands through consistent and reliable capacity. Here are 5 ways your business can benefit from coverage and freight capacity with TruKKer:


Reach everywhere in your market with 30,000+ trucks

We’re the largest digital land freight network in MENA with extremely robust inland connectivity. TruKKer has the capacity your business needs, regardless of when or where you ask for it. From small owners-operators to large carriers and regional players, our network can flex and scale to help move your freight, your business forward.

Each carrier is pre-verified and passed through rigorous quality checks before deploying them on the TruKker freight platform. The smart platform engages AI-powered algorithms to sift through this data and deep dives into the insights. That’s how we, from the background, draw upon an incredible opportunity to benchmark the carriers based on their performance, customer satisfaction rates, etc. All this in real-time and results in perfect transport matches for the best trade lanes.


Easily connect with the best

Large carrier networks are as good as their connectivity. TruKKer provides businesses with a simple, digital interface to efficiently manage freight while connecting them to capacity. Our digital freight platform allows you to instantly quote, book, and track truckloads on-demand from your PC or smartphones.

Carriers also connect easily with loads using our load board app. It helps us get you the most real-time capacity in the marketplace. Using real-time allocation algorithms, the platform scans the 24/7-updating list of trucks and fetches a match with an idling truck at a relatable distance for hauling. Meanwhile, our industry-first (MENA) instant pricing model predicts the prices for the current booking date and the upcoming ones. Shippers reap the benefits of a reliable match and instant pricing, and carriers keep their wheels turning round the year.


Troubleshoot with the best-in-class

Having the latest digital tools is great albeit, your business needs more than a digital interface to secure trust and reliable freight coverage. You would need the expertise of industry-seasoned support professionals who understand your business.

Our reps know the freight market inside-out and have been helping thousands of shippers with consistent service, on-schedule deliveries. Whatever the lane, facility, or volume, our support teams are always ready to take any challenge for you head-on.


Gain access to all modes, solution, and service type

Seamless logistics means everything on schedule and as planned. The same goes for any business. The time you spend on coordinating with multiple providers to ensure the required capacity feeds on your achievability. Widen your freight coverage by introducing your business to a multi-modal solutions portfolio.

Whatever be your need, you can always find the right type of capacity solution in our freight network. Whether it’s a one-time LTL requirement or dedicated capacity for a year-long haul, or a monthly last-miles – you will get everything your business needs. As the largest digital freight network in MENA, we’ve access to 30,000+ trucks that service over 550 plus enterprise clients across the region. So, we can scale up accordingly whenever your business needs something extra!


Craft winning strategies with complete visibility and dashboards

We harness the power of GPS-powered track-and-trace and data science to predict and preempt capacity. Your business stands to profit from the rich, actionable insights and bookmark performances to set standards. Our TruKKer PULSE is the most intuitive freight platform for shippers in MENA and operates on our end-to-end care approach. Our GPS-enabled fleet enables shippers to live track their truckload and learn about the order status on-demand with a reliable ETA. Now they can plan the subsequent actions such as storage, clearance more meaningfully. Simultaneously, carriers enjoy better asset control with complete transparency. They can source dedicated freight opportunities or automatically reload the trucks with revenue-generating backhaul.

Meanwhile, the platform archives a huge amount of data from each interaction and crunches them to yield actionable intelligence. Businesses benefit from a comprehensive view of their demand-supply network through customizable dashboards. The generated metrics uncover deep insights into the shady parts of the supply chain and often present new opportunities to the business. All this is helping today’s logistics managers chart out plans for tomorrow while relying on assured capacity and coverage.


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