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#UnitedByLove: This National Day, TruKKer Pays an Ode to Their Benefactors

Game-changing ideas often spur up from the most unexpected moments in a conversation. Spontaneity is the pivot of innovation, at least for TruKKer, MENA’s largest truck aggregator. The idea of TruKKer was a natural upshot of a dinner table chat. It was then when Gaurav Biswas, founder & CEO, realized how hard it was to book a truck on demand and at a reasonable cost. He was quick to spot the untapped potential of this unexplored side of the logistics market. That’s how the region’s first and the fastest growing truck aggregator was born. Today, TruKKer is referred to as the ‘UBER for Trucks’.

Our journey from a dinner-side idea to one of the most funded startups in the Middle East is the epitome of implicit confidence. And our determination to disrupt was never unrecognized by our investors, clients who have fuelled our confidence at each step. On this noble eve of the UAE’s 49th National Day, we’re commemorating the advocates of change – our investors and clients – who have empowered us to deepen our innovation ecosystem. Our heartiest thanks to the nation’s futurists and visionaries for relentlessly supporting our mission to become the de-facto logistics platform in the MENA region.

We, at TruKKer, also wanted to reciprocate the nation and the people with benevolence and goodwill. During the pandemic, thousands of UAE’s long-haul drivers were heavily impacted by the low business due to closed borders. Our TruKKer’s Driver Welfare Campaign was an initiative to ease some of their hardships by distributing food for 7 days. To facilitate increased trade in the region, we teamed up with Maqta Gateway, the digital arm of Abu Dhabi Ports. This collaboration is aimed to leverage the digital capabilities of Margo, Maqta Gateways’s logistics platform, and integrate with TruKKer’s operational capabilities. This will open up new opportunities for Emirate customers through last-mile delivery to anywhere in the region. A win-win situation that will prove symbiotic to both the nation and the transporters. This National Day, especially with the pandemic terror receding, is all about co-existence with harmony and empathy.

Let’s raise the flag high with pride and immerse ourselves in unity and love for a promising tomorrow. Just like we’ve supported each other through thick and thin, let solidarity be the ethos of the upcoming time. Here’s to the beautiful time ahead from the TruKKer team as we’re #UnitedByLove. Happy 49th National Day!

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