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Partner For Performance: 6 Ways A 3PL Helps

When your enterprise projects involve the transportation of oversized and heavy equipment, the management of your shipping logistics can quickly grow complex. TruKKer can help your most intricate tasks become manageable. We excel at planning, executing, and overseeing the transportation details for all your large, heavy, and valuable equipment, allowing you to concentrate on the bigger picture: expanding your business.



  1. Develop Comprehensive Project Plans: Logistics experts lend their knowledge and counsel from the project’s inception, making it crucial to involve them early in the process. Transporting large or bulky equipment often involves specific requirements that may not be within your purview or that you haven’t considered, but, we as your project logistics expert, possess inside information about existing regulations and crucial top 3PL freight services for your project’s success.


  1. Conduct Site Surveys: Construction sites are bustling hubs of activity. With trucks constantly coming and going, machinery in perpetual operation, and materials strewn across the premises, it’s essential to inspect the area to ensure it can accommodate the weight and size of your equipment. Our logistics experts conduct site surveys, gather data, and devise alternatives in case safety concerns arise.


  1. Select the Right Always: A logistics expert like TruKKer can assist you in determining the necessary for each stage of your project, including the timing and manner of transportation to the job site and the equipment required to relocate your equipment once it reaches its final destination. Our solutions encompass loading requirements and load-yard and rigging needs, and we link shippers with our extensive network of over 55,000 full truckload (FTL) carriers across the nation, all offering pre-negotiated competitive rates. This simplifies the process of finding secure, cost-effective project logistics solutions.


  1. Identify Route Challenges and Restrictions: Are you aware that the weight and size of a load may limit when it can be transported on specific roadways? Bridges and tunnels may render certain routes impassable for larger shipments. Hence, your logistics expert will assess potential routes and, if an alternative route or mode is not feasible, may even explore innovative solutions like constructing a temporary bridge or other workarounds.


  1. Determine Regulations and Requirements: The shipping of heavy equipment is subject to rigorous regulations, making it challenging to formulate efficient project logistics solutions. Often, special permits, escorts, and safety equipment, such as flashing lights or signs, are mandatory. Our high-value cargo teams will thoroughly research all the required prerequisites, documentation, permits, and equipment well in advance to prevent unexpected costs or delays.


  1. Prepare Shipping Equipment: Similar to smaller shipments, the proper packaging of bulky loads is vital to ensure the safety of your equipment (as well as other drivers) during transit. Before securing your cargo for transportation, your logistics expert will assess potential risks and compile a list of solutions to guarantee that your shipment is transported in the safest and most efficient manner.

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