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For Whom The Trades Move: Happy Father’s Day to our Truckers

Parked by an eatery on the highway, Syed’s truck transforms into a makeshift bedroom wherein he snugs the blanket up to his chin. To his not-so-pompous relish, his new smartphone plays some local tunes to ease his snoozing brain. Today, Syed’s 8-years old daughter spent more time on the call when he buzzed his home after almost two weeks. He spoke to his heart’s content. Despite the physical exertion of running his truck for nearly half a day every day, Syed is happy and reminiscing at these late hours – he would sleep easy and tight today.

For dads like Syed, who earn a living behind the wheel, family time is a luxury that they can’t afford willingly. And even for special days like Father’s Day, it’s only the phone calls for quick conversations during a brief halt at some point in the day. It’s the sacrifices they make to provide for both their family and the shippers or carriers they haul for. For one thing, the kids even resonate with the sacrifices – they’re also giving up some of the normalcy of life.

The GCC road freight market is estimated to flourish steadily by a CAGR of 5% from 2020 – 2025, wherein FTL constitutes the maximum market share, standing at 30%. While this paints a rosy picture at the outset, the reality is nowhere near that. The naked truth is that the bustling GCC road freight sector sports a merciless demeanour. Enough inconsistencies stem from an inept framework and a host of roadblocks to get through. Coupled by a staunch mindset to rely on monolithic norms like spot markets or auction-based load sharing, the ignorance towards upscaling exacerbates the situation. Counter-intuitively, the anticipation for loads resulted in obscurity that coerced drivers to stay back and seek round-trip jobs virulently. It kept them from planning a trip back to their homelands as monthly income is what keeps his family running. So, while businesses have had their supply chains breathing, it is the selfless truckers who bear the brunt. Whizzing by into the dusty highway, these truckers constantly battle with loneliness and long for reunions with their families.

This Father’s Day, TruKKer pays an ode to the countless hours, relentless efforts of these truckers who kept their engines on against all the odds. We, at TruKKer, drive our innovations towards the betterment of our driver’s community so that they can relish their lives as anyone else. We promise them guaranteed loads through an online marketplace that’s buzzing with loads. With constant hauls and fair remuneration, along with designated work hours, our truckers don’t miss out much on spending quality time with their loved ones. Our intense pre-assignment training covering all aspects of a trucker’s life helps bridge the socio-economic gaps that have disconcerted them so far. Developed inter-personal skills, improved tech acquaintance contributes heavily to build confident and happy ranks of drivers in the region. Let’s all unite and pledge towards building an all-inclusive environment wherein trucker fathers like Syed can visit their children, and he takes pride in being fatherly. We believe that technology is built upright to enable more humane than just humans. A very Happy Father’s Day to all our TruKKer Family!

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