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Take Back The Control: Decrease Your E-commerce Transportation Costs

Minimizing the logistics cost is the holy grail for businesses and shippers who deal in consumer-facing goods. One could quickly grasp its worth for an industry that thrives on demand and fulfilment. And if this happens without losing quality in delivery services, profits will be higher from a higher customer satisfaction rate. Here are some actionable tips on how to rewire your logistics brain and decrease the associated costs:


Bet on drop-off points

If your ecommerce needs a reduced number of daily deliveries, drop-off points just serve the purpose. The collection points, as they are known, help reduce the cost of transportation. For affordable prices, you can count on reliable partners to take your products to the end customers.


The service logic is a no-brainer. Just leave the orders in accredited, exclusively commercial locations. From there, your carrier/s collect/s the goods, with others gathered and is/are responsible for delivery. With this, everyone is benefitted since the volume of items grouped in specific points optimizes the work. You save time and money!


Value pick-up points as well

Like drop-off points, pick-up points are rewarding opportunities for you, the shipper. These points of withdrawal need to face lesser rates of unsuccessful deliveries, which, if not done, will lead to heavy customer backlash. Problems like wrong address or recipient absence stop grazing your business goodwill this way.


Bet on accredited trades as support. Interestingly, instead of orders setting out from these locations, they become destinations. Consumers come and pick up the order at the chosen point. Practice brings more savings and agility to you and your carrier. For this, digital freight platforms promote trust and coordination through data-led transparency. One great example is how MENA’s largest digital freight network TruKKer employs data analytics to yield actionable intelligence for businesses. Each transportation journey is mapped into distinct performance metrics crescent with the required business output. Now you can deep dive into your carriers or fleet performance and chart routes for delivery to the pick-up points with lesser chances of errors. The best part is you do all this with fewer manual processes but with only a few taps on your smartphone!


Communicate any change seamlessly

When it’s about reducing transport costs, communicating any change regarding the delivery establishes a long-term positive effect. Besides making the service more efficient, the action helps you stand up to your customer’s “where is my order” expectations. It consists of issuing information in real-time about the order status or location, allowing the customers to save their time.


Dynamic or real-time ETA is the name of the game. Picture this: your shipment is crossing a city-state border and is being vetted for required documents. It’s a pause that’s already in the base plan, but still, exceptions arise during clearance. And what if you have access to each phase of your shipment’s location in real-time? Then you could relay this information to your customers through (automated) live notifications. With TruKKer, this is innately possible, as our transport solutions are meant for the shippers by the shippers. We understand it’s sometimes counter-intuitive to guarantee on-time delivery. That’s why, we help you bring your customers closer to the truth, which promises success in avoiding losses. You also build trust.


Outsource transportation for unlimited capacity

The most eventful factor is outsourcing when it comes to the actions that impact the cost of transportation. Fostering a relationship with a reliable, specialized network of carriers will guarantee much more than savings for your business. Think about the level of flexibility of your operations. This means extensive coverage in the service areas, which is met by an increased number of vehicles capable to handle any volumes of shipment. That’s sheer capacity with zero idling.


With TruKKer, our customers benefit from a robust and diverse inland connectivity of 30,000+ trucks. On our platform, shippers like you place thousands of load requests every day, and it auto-assigns the best possible transport. Each carrier in our network is thoroughly verified, and we collate and analyze data from each of their transport journeys. It helps us assess the best options for you in real-time, giving you value for your money. What’s more, you also do well out of maintenance routine, dynamic route planning, traceability, and an adequate customer-first service structure.

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