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Pulling Off Retail Logistics Success: Some Important Lessons

Last year, COVID and the ongoing tariff wars became too consequential for shippers worldwide. In the retail sector, there are fresh wounds, and the pain continues to trouble businesses. Retail supply chains panicked globally as new trade restrictions were imposed. Consumption patterns and buying behaviors went eccentric, leading to unseen spikes or decline in demand. The same was true for the B2B side, mostly the FMCG, healthcare, IT hardware, fresh meat & produce companies that couldn’t ramp up supplies and fill these retailers’ shelves. Retailers were clearly grappling with adapting to the changing consumer demand and unseen market dynamics.

The only solution – retailers need to go all out for agile supply chains to handle demand fluctuations readily. For this, both their inbound and outbound logistics need to be seamless on both B2B and B2C sides. In this blog, we’re trying to highlight some important lessons that can catapult the overall performance.

The Art of Flexibility while being Reactive

Heavy trade lane congestions. Absence of fleets, drivers due to capacity overload. Unpromising ETAs – businesses often give in to these nightmares. A big part of any logistics success depends upon the ability to react in real-time. But the question is ‘how?’ Future-ready solutions like digital freight platforms increase the odds for businesses as they forge resilience through visibility across the supply chain. Solutions like track-and-trace, advanced data analytics help retailers access a dynamic ETA and offer actionable insights into demand and capacity planning.

For instance, let’s say a new candy is picking up traction in one area, and a truck hauling them is bound for another location. Live track-and-trace can inform the effectiveness of rerouting the shipment. Everything, while your platform captures data, renders performance metrics from each journey in real-time. So you can establish performance benchmarks against each trade lane and forecast demand to lay out capacity. The TruKKer platform helps you the same way to even out any capacity fluctuation through its reliable ETA and advanced data sciences. It employs live tracking features using its visibility network and equips you with more tangible measures to face off any mishap. The advanced data science capabilities weave intelligence into the network across all touchpoints. You view all this from the comfort of your smartphones, laptops, and through customized reporting. Knowing exactly where the goods at and planning capacity beforehand can get your supply chain back in the groove.

Access is all we need

Airbnb, Dropbox, Airtable – many more self-service digital tools have readied the new generation for instant gratification. This new breed of digital seekers is today’s workforce – which manifests a future with a more bespoke digital-native crowd. All they demand is access to everything. You can expect the same for your business and your suppliers.

We knew this early on and invested heavily in creating the best possible experience for you so that your customers never give up on you. We have made access to transportation faster and democratized information with innate transparency. Shippers enjoy unfettered access to capacity (a robust network of 30,000+ trucks) and allocate vehicles on demand. For the same reason, slot booking with TruKKer is as easy as it gets. Top that with our instant pricing (an industry-first in MENA) capability for each trade lane on booking. Businesses now get to the grasps with their transportation strategy and hit the ground running. Plus, no more running to multiple carriers looking for capacity, best prices, or suitable trucks. Our TruKKer platform does all this for you in real-time and while creating an impressive usage profile for better output each time.

One half completes another

Businesses with a state-of-the-art last mile for B2C but without a steady B2B supply chain eventually fades out with incompetence. You need to keep up the game on both sides. A holistic approach to each end and syncing one with the other in a tight sequence can fill any gaps and ensure operational excellence. It’s nothing but setting up recovery points across your supply chain that assures fast healing from any exception.

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