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Far East Not So Far: China-Asia-EU, Unlocking New Trade Frontiers

An old Chinese saying goes, “to get rich, build roads first.” However unrestrained it may sound, today’s hyperlinking world can’t get anything truer. More interestingly, one can bet – for modern logistics corporations, “build roads fast” would sound more lifelike.


So when countries diversify their economies, the demand-supply equation between two or more nations and their logistics infrastructure becomes the success factor for growth. TruKKer’s China-Asia-EU transnational route developments mark a significant milestone. The improvised tradeway already efficiently links key industrial hubs and economic zones in the EU and countries in China with Central Asian markets.


The strategic location of the Middle East, situated between Europe and the Far East, plays a pivotal role in establishing it as a global commercial hub. That’s why, our TruKKer offices, dotting the Middle East, provide a convenient prerequisite for cross-border supply chains – focussed on enabling international ‘trade hubs’ that combine logistical developments with investment zones and smart infrastructure while prioritizing sustainability. In between the EU and Asia, TruKKer offices in transit countries like Kazakhstan, Poland, and Turkey play a crucial role due to their strategic geographic location between Europe and Asia. These countries have evolved to an extensive transportation infrastructure, including railways, roads, ports, and intermodal transport – substantially helping us facilitate the movement of goods across the regions between the East and West.


Although trade lanes between Asia and Europe have suffered from disruptions over the past couple of years ranging from Covid-related closures to sanctions stemming from the Russia-Ukraine conflict. Given these formidable challenges, global enterprises are actively exploring alternative avenues and methods for moving cargo. Businesses are increasingly switching their attention towards reducing their emissions footprint. The quest for more sustainable transportation methods has gained momentum.


China, with its EV boom and growing sustainable measures to reduce tailpipe emissions, is giving the world a run for its money. According to IEA, it’s the world’s largest EV market accounting for more than 75% of global EV battery production. As per the recently released (first) national five-year plan, China aims to develop a smart and green logistics system by 2025. The Chinese government has long been a driving force, supporting both the supply and demand for EVs in China. Generous subsidies, tax incentives, procurement contracts, and policy incentives have given rise to numerous homegrown EV brands. These companies are dedicated to refining their technologies to cater to the practical requirements of Chinese consumers, readying the younger consumers for a newer and greener world.


Sidelining undue linear trade measures and adapting to mere objectivity has also backed China’s diplomatic efforts to restore sour international relationships. After seven years of severed relations, Iran and Saudi Arabia agreed to restore ties and reopen diplomatic missions in Chinese-brokered talks. The move comes at a time when KSA and Iran are invited to join the BRICS group of developing nations in its first expansion in over a decade. Saudi Arabia, the world’s foremost crude oil exporter will find itself within the same economic bloc as the globe’s primary oil importer, China.


It’s rational to foresee BRICS will continually stir up public and private investments in critical mineral supply chains among members. KSA, the new entrant, is already investing heavily in critical minerals like lithium and others in Brazil. China, the world’s largest EV and battery maker, now stands to benefit from new supply chains that move battery minerals and other requisites. For countries making strong headways into the EV ecosystem, like KSA and UAE, this could swing them into further action and developments, drawing upon China’s unparalleled EV expertise and paving the way for rewarding relationships.

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