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Logistics managers, by their very nature, are doers, but the clock always seems to have its own agenda. The challenge is amplified by the fact that running a shipping operation is a constantly evolving puzzle – no two days ever mirror each other.


In this dynamic landscape, having the right platform support, such as TruKKer platform, can be a game-changer for logistics managers striving for success. Let’s zero in on the four key responsibilities and how we can help:


  1. Procurement: Bid Farewell to Email Frenzies

Ensuring timely deliveries at optimal rates is the backbone of logistics, a responsibility that falls squarely on the shoulders of the logistics department and its manager. It all starts with cultivating a network of dependable carrier partners.


While managing a handful of shipments may seem straightforward, as your shipping volume escalates, procurement takes on greater complexity. Strategies like mini-bids and RFPs become necessary. Here’s where technology comes to the rescue, as emails and spreadsheets hit their limitations. Traditional methods can elongate the process, sometimes taking a whole week just to complete an email chain. Data entry errors and data loss risks further complicate matters.


Our platform streamlines the entire freight procurement process, whether you’re conducting RFPs, scouting spot rates and capacity, or locking in dynamic contract rates. It offers a centralized platform for shippers to engage with their carriers or leverage TruKKer’s vetted network. Plus, it ensures you secure the most competitive, market-appropriate rates. Post-execution, TruKKer platform equips you to scrutinize historical data, pinpointing underperforming lanes and enabling smarter rate decisions.


  1. Operations Management: Bid Farewell to Spreadsheets

Keeping tabs on your logistics operation’s big picture is another managerial must-do. As shipments multiply, spreadsheets simply can’t keep pace. Maintaining visibility over your dock’s status, identifying coverage needs, and ensuring the correct load information and paperwork reach the right hands become increasingly challenging.


This is where a technology solution that centralizes and automates information retrieval is indispensable. TruKKer platform consolidates your past, present, and future loads, ensuring you’re always on top of your shipping operation’s pulse.


  1. Customer Service: Everyone Stays in the Loop

A logistics manager’s duties don’t conclude with the pickup. The ongoing mission includes safeguarding seamless deliveries and addressing potential hiccups, which can crop up at any moment. Quick responses and access to real-time shipment tracking are non-negotiable to keep departments, production teams, customers, and consignees well-informed.

Enter TruKKer platform, which seamlessly integrates automatic updates and tracking data from carriers. This proactive approach allows you to spot delivery issues in advance and promptly update all stakeholders. In the unpredictable world of shipping, astute managers leverage technology to anticipate and manage challenges effectively.


  1. Finance and Beyond: Unleash the Power of Logistics Data

Data is the ally of every logistics manager and should be the engine driving your shipping operation. Beyond budgeting, shipping data informs critical decisions, such as sourcing inbound materials or ensuring shipping costs align with sales quotes.

Data also plays a pivotal role in routing decisions based on market trends and carrier partner insights. TruKKer platform simplifies data-driven decision-making by providing easy access to rate and service data, streamlining cost modeling, and facilitating rate benchmarking.


Streamlining Routine Tasks with TruKKer platform

The role of logistics managers encompasses a multitude of skills, from swift decision-making and issue resolution to effective communication and interpersonal finesse. As companies expand and shipping volumes surge, even the most adept managers seek ways to enhance efficiency.


Wearing so many hats underscores the importance of automating and streamlining routine tasks. TruKKer platform empowers logistics managers, who are at the crossroads of production, carriers, and customer service, to maximize every minute.


If you’re intrigued by the potential of simplified data reporting and monitoring to reduce costs, as well as the seamless measurement of your logistics department’s performance using benchmarks, delve deeper into the possibilities offered by TruKKer platform.”

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