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A Third Eye for Your Business: Real-Time Visibility

A Third Eye for Your Business: Real-Time Visibility

Offering closer looks into all nodes of a supply chain is what earned the fame for real-time visibility (RTV). Although when integrated into your broader logistics equation, it unleashes the power that surpasses traditional use cases. It advises and recommends business actions based on that data, all in real-time. No longer just a helpful tool – it’s matured to become your logistics ally, guiding you toward better decisions and enhanced efficiency.

The Key to Swift Action
By incorporating RTV technology into your logistics processes, you open the door to a realm of possibilities, tailored to your specific business needs. These actions range from suggesting rebooking slots and routes to arranging alternative containers or emergency air freight.

Smoother logistics, improved efficiency, reduced costs, and, of course, delighted customers. Standalone RTV can’t deliver this level of impact, but integrated RTV is the superhero your logistics dreams deserve.

How Does It Work?
With the power of AI capabilities, TruKKer’s Visibility seamlessly integrates with every stage of our Transportation Management Platform. This creates a treasure trove of data available in one centralized place.
Imagine connecting all relevant components and sharing critical information with all stakeholders involved in the transportation process, with complete neutrality. This fosters immediate action, ensuring that changes in the supply chain are swiftly addressed.

The Marvelous Recommendations
Our visibility feature does more than just report events; it provides actionable recommendations based on real-time information. Say there’s a traffic incident that might disrupt a container scheduled to use a certain route later in the day. The recommendations might include alternative routes, container changes, rebooking time slots, or even a swift adjustment to the warehouse shift plan, optimizing the cargo’s journey. These recommendations align with your specified criteria, whether it’s speed, cost efficiency, customer satisfaction, or all these.

Proactive Support for Your Bottom Line
Our visibility solutions are your partners in enhancing your commercial bottom line. By making smarter decisions and minimizing waiting times at terminals, you can cut down on pesky detention and demurrage fees that plague freight. And guess what? Real-time visibility is no longer limited to road transport – multimodal is jumping onboard too!

Customization is Key
The strength of TruKKer’s platform lies in its configurability. Tailor your options to fit your unique business needs, selecting the most appropriate ones for each case. Start with notifications to flag potential issues, then dive deeper to explore semi-automated or even fully automated processes. Our top-notch business intelligence and reporting options will guide you on this exciting journey of optimization.

The Power of Choice
Here’s the real magic – the choices are yours to make. We take pride in providing a completely neutral third-party perspective, revealing all available options to you. It’s your supply chain, your needs, and your preferences. You decide how to utilize the power of our network, drawing from a wealth of historical and current best practices across the industry.

Transparency and Collaboration Lead the Way
Embrace the transformative potential of transparency and collaboration, enabled by cutting-edge technology, to achieve remarkable outcomes in your logistics endeavors. Our large and thriving network, the largest in Europe, is a neutral platform designed to benefit all participants. We hold data security as a top priority, respecting the importance of privacy in today’s world.

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