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3 movies for the logistics aficionados

Movies add up to our lives – one lives many lives through films. The best thing is we can choose what we and keep surfing movies. But there’s nothing better when the choice unites your passion. Here we’re listing three handpicked movies for the logistics personnel. Remember guys, these are movies but start seeing them with a new lens and you will know why these are here. Grab your popcorn, throw a straw in your cold drink glass, and turn on the TV – but first let’s know more:

The Lord of War (2005)

This movie mixes action and suspense. A strong cast enters the scene, including Nicolas Cage, Ethan Hawke, and Jared Leto. The plot follows the saga of arms dealer Yuri Orlov (Cage) against Interpol. While he tries to make his presence felt in various parts of the planet, enforcement is hardline in order to fight crime.

When you press play, you will find much more than traffic, war, and the traditional “police and robber” game. There is room for geopolitical issues, especially the post-Cold War consequences and the decay of the Soviet Union, with the birth of terrorism. At the same time, logistics is highlighted as a background. The manufacturing process, supply chain management, and strategies used in delivery to the consumer are shown. It is worth checking. The Lord of Arms is available on Amazon Prime.

A gentleman intern (2015)

Among the films about logistics, this one definitely could not be left out. Unlike the gentleman in the previous statement, the one here is part of a dramatic comedy. Widower Ben Whittaker (Robert De Niro), after turning 70, is completely bored. So, even after retirement, he decides to return to the job market.

The vacancy won by him is an intern in very successful e-commerce in the fashion world. Jules Ostin (Anne Hathaway) is the owner of the business. She and all the other younger employees quickly form friendships with the senior intern. However, the clash of generations and female leadership brings important reflections to the viewer.

Regarding logistics, we follow in detail the operation of a virtual store. The highlight is for the owner to make purchases in her own company. That way, it can assess logistics, categorize service quality, and constantly apply improvements. Monitoring is the secret to success, do you agree? A gentleman intern is available on Netflix.

The Lunchbox (2013)

Who doesn’t like a colorful, pompous, and musical Bollywood movie? But this one is nothing like it but still, you will fall for the storyline – you will love “The Lunchbox.” Even with an extravagant population and traffic that, at first glance, may seem chaotic, the logistics scheme for delivering lunchboxes in India is an international reference. The method has already been studied by Harvard, meeting the judicious set of quality practices called Six Sigma.

Even the reverse logistics are thought through, with the return of empty lunch boxes. The margin of error is almost non-existent. Only one in six million. Can you believe it? During the dramatic novel, we observe how the entire process happens, from production to receiving the meal from the customer. For this, the first step is to collect the lunch boxes by bicycle. Then there is the transport by train. Finally, lunch arrives at the offices. As we watch, we also delve into Indian cuisine and culture, including romance. Watch it right now on Globoplay.

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