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Unlearn to learn: Busting 5 popular logistics myths

Rigged by notions and doctrines, logistics has earned good renown for being a convoluted line of business. So, the first things to run rampant and puzzle businesses were the “myths”. A lot is said without foundation, painting a wrong picture of the entire sector. In this piece, we’re going to show facts and clear up. Stay with us – no matter however counterintuitive some of them might sound:

1. Customer loyalty doesn’t reciprocate logistics

It’s as wrong as it could be. Smooth delivery is a key aspect to uplift your customer’s business experience. When it is well executed, that is, it meets the established deadline, informs the customer about the status of the service, and preserves the integrity of the product, the chance of winning over the buyer is very high. People will always remember the brand when purchasing new products. As much as the quality of your product, quality transport contributes to the loyalty of your audience.

2. Only large companies offer structured logistics

No! Small organizations do not have the post office or legacy transporters as their only transportation option. Many 3PLs and freight forwarders offer fully accessible solutions regardless of the company’s size. Depending on the volume of goods (full or lesser-than truckload) and the destination (single point or multiple delivery points), you will be surprised by the price, quality, safety, and agility of the service.

Just like TruKKer offers end-to-end services that can scale up for the blue chips while it promises the SMEs the best-in-class logistics innovation. Our real-time services stand up to any problems of any degree, fix them with an immediate resolution, and offer customers better ways to standardize solutions for assured results.

3. No need to do case-by-case route planning

Wrong again. On each trip, the route needs to be planned carefully, considering several conditions. In addition to the shortest distance, it is necessary to consider the most suitable routes according to road congestion, border controls, and risk management in general. Also, think about the load capacity of the truck, the number of hours to be driven, and the stops for fueling and resting. All this varies greatly on each path taken.

4. Logistics 4.0 only reflects the sector’s desire for innovation

The development of the 4.0 logistics chain, interconnected, using end-to-end technology in the process, did not arise from the desire for innovation. It reflects the population’s changing consumption habits. The increase in purchases made over the internet, as well as the opening of direct sales channels between companies and customers, demanded the restructuring of the sector. Technological resources shaped this new logistics, which meets the new scenario.

5. It is necessary to have your fleet 

This is one of the biggest myths about logistics out there. It is possible to outsource your cargo transport and never have a headache about it again. TruKKer can carry out the entire process for you and make it effortless, with total security and an on-schedule guarantee. With us, you save huge on your precious business time and can invest it in strategic decisions. Let us worry about your truckload while you make new connections as we move your trade beyond borders, linking economies and geographies together.

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