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Turkey: The Land of Possibilities

Turkey’s unique land sharing with continents works as a logistics scaffold against some of the world’s major trade arteries. As diverse and oldest it is in the Mediterranean region, it’s also an extremely promising market. The Europe-Asia-Africa trade triangle offers great opportunities for the country, especially the operating supply chains. Let’s explore how this land of possibilities always establishes a fixed route to success:

The Middle Corridor Hub

The country eyes to grab 30% of the trade flows that are hauled through the North corridor via Russia, thus channelizing them to the Europe-Caucasus-Asia Corridor or the Middle Corridor. Investors from Europe and Asia have been zealous about this route. Last June, ÖBB paired with Eurasia Pacific to offer a multimodal solution via the Middle Corridor where Köseköy links Asia and Europe. The Turkish Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure also plans to invest up to 60% in rail freight and transportation. The aim is to reduce the China-Turkey shipping time substantially.

Connecting trades across Silk Road

Turkey, for 20 years, has been making noticeable efforts to power the silk road to influence the Europe-China supply chains. Further plans about establishing logistics villages to service the upcoming transportation demand from Anatolia, the Caucasus, Central Asia, and China are also in the pipeline. The Silk Road is intended to serve a wide area of nearly 40 million sq. km. networking through 60 countries. It makes up nearly 26% of the world economy, which reveals why China’s “Belt and Road” initiative is so important to Turkey.

Ecommerce explosion

Since 2020, Turkey’s economy grew by nearly 2%, but ecommerce expanded much faster and better. User penetration is supposed to hit 51.5% this year and 66.9% by 2025. In the first half of 2021, the online sales value in Turkey experienced an over 70% surge compared to the same period in 2020. Furthermore, the B2C e-Commerce market in Turkey is projected to exceed 400 billion euros in 2021 and double in 2022, confirming the high prevalence of online shopping in the country.

TruKKer Turkey Freight Ecosystem

We had this freight-heavy nation under our radar for long as it’s a hotbed for logistics. And soon we set our foot, we’ve started rewiring the regional logistics and perfecting the cross border. Our launch playbook helps us plot the future. Think of it as a cookbook for our success and rapid business expansion. It outlines multi-level strategic plans to enter and then profitably but sustainably win in new markets. And we get the chance of testing our fittest prototypes in the most rewarding way and giving them shape. Over the years, our diverse teams have recorded their lessons learned, best use-case scenarios, and everything actionable into the playbook. Now, the plans we make and the launches we execute are the best market fit. It has become easy for us to show the world the big picture.

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