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Pakistan, An Economic Corridor – What’s In It For Logistics?

The geostrategic location and provincial connectivity of Pakistan is remarkable. It’s easy to picture the mutual progress and economic development that the nation shares with its neighbours. This viewpoint has been instrumental in developing economic diplomacy with other provinces alongside becoming an “economic corridor” to China. One side outlined by Asia’s most landlocked countries, and the other by oil-producing countries, Pakistan also shares its border with two significantly booming economies. Establishing seamless cross-border trading arteries through road links across these regions will allow these nations to reap limitless benefits. It will facilitate more business besides earning substantial economic attention

And what drives any economic corridor is a logistics corridor that serves as a networking base among demand and supply. Ideally, it’s an extensive network spanning two or more countries to bridge their economic centres and fuel investments besides increasing multilateral trade. But several questions still dismay today’s business discussions. How to build a central layer of control for the stakeholders? How to establish a well-defined and sustainable demand-supply link? Will the network call for corrective actions if exceptions happen? How to ensure end-to-end visibility? The answer is a digitally connected logistics ecosystem that integrates carriers and shippers or other stakeholders in a single demand-supply network and a single platform. The one that detects anomalies beforehand and proactively reacts to avoid exceptions. And real-time visibility will give the carriers, shippers optimum control and higher accuracy.

At TruKKer, our aim is to synchronize the supply and demand scenario for Pakistan’s inland logistics through ‘platformization’. Our advanced freight platform aggregates supply and demand into one platform – allowing shippers and transporters to access capacity and haul loads. The platform offers unparalleled transparency into payments, documentation, and visibility into the location and order status in real-time. We are currently investing heavily to augment the platform for extending our cross-border capabilities and aiming to further strengthen our connectivity. Blockchain technology is one of our core development areas that will increase the efficiency of our cross-border operations by multiple folds. Enabled in cross-border payments, Blockchain can enable secure transactions between countless bank ledgers in real-time. The whole process will effectively bypass any intermediary banking agents/activities that meddle in with the promise of aiding transactions. This is how blockchain dramatically reduces counterparty risks associated with transactions. The transactions become safer, faster, and cost-effective with an end-to-end visibility for the stakeholders irrespective of geographies. We’re injecting trust and transparency by building upon our data-powered approaches to fill any existing void and create newer opportunities.

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