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3 Main Reasons to outsource your LTL to a 3PL

Shipping poses a tough cost to swallow for mid-size or small business owners. More so as online giants offer same-day or 1-day deliveries. So many companies are switching from their current shipping method to improve their bottom line. Those who ship goods regularly are adapting to LTL or less-than-truckload shipping. This way, businesses can share truck space with others who also need to ship smaller loads – saving costs and streamlining requirements.

In some cases, it may not be necessary or even possible to load the trucks fully. Then why pay for unused spaces? It’s a common practice for wholesalers. Shipping companies would send out frequent LTL truckloads instead of waiting until the wholesalers run out of their most selling items and need to go for full truckloads (FTL). LTL shipping offers flexibility and helps balance excess inventory and shortages.

Unlike hauling an FTL from a single shipper, LTL allows carrying full loads, which include shipments from multiple shippers. But while this strategy can save you money in the long run if managed properly, it can often be time-consuming and hard to manage.

To overcome these hurdles, it’s best to outsource your LTL management to 3PL companies like TruKKer. It allows you to focus on other crucial parts of your business while your logistics partner does all the heavy lifting. Here are the top three reasons why you should consider outsourcing LTL:


Time is money. Save both

Optimizing LTL shipping strategies and ensuring they run smoothly requires work and constant monitoring. When supply chain companies are busy, things inevitably get overlooked. In fact, larger companies with more touchpoints where problems can occur are generally those that need the most support.

Outsourcing LTL shipping to 3PL saves time and money by freeing up the same resources to focus on other projects. Instead of investing employees’ time handling LTL shipments, now you have dedicated logistics professionals single-mindedly focused on your shipping needs.

Additionally, LTL requires a lot of frontloading while managing it all in-house. In fact, the time and money required to manage it yourself can be more expensive than outsourcing.


Try your hand at new tech

Another way to outsource your LTL freight needs is to provide access to new technology that benefits your business. This comes in the form of tools provided by our 3PL partners. Managing LTL shipments can be challenging for supply chain companies. This is especially true if you don’t have access to the right technology. Some companies are investing in innovation in LTL shipping aiming for a massive facelift.

However, integrating and purchasing new supply chain technology can be disruptive and costly. By outsourcing your LTL freight, you gain access to cutting-edge technology that improves transparency, supply chain visibility, and uplevels on-demand service. All this without having to buy or maintain the technology yourself.


Goodbye risks

Risk management is essential to the success of any business, and supply chain companies are no exception. One way to reduce risk is to reduce and eliminate all possible complications.

A logistics company meets your LTL needs, providing better real-time data, greater visibility, and more effective communication to create data silos between the LTL team and other members involved in moving goods.

It helps reduce risk and loss when resolving Logistic partners can easily identify problems as they arise and predict them before they get worse. By outsourcing LTL to outside logistics companies, 3PLs can seamlessly reroute shipments, manage disruptions and even coordinate with wholesalers when needed.

All this together offers you the peace of mind that if you ever run into any issues, you will have your 3PL team.


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