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Does TMS really mean ROI, Scalability, Sustainability?

Many businesses are winded up in a state of flux – a murky situation made worse by uncertainty and unpredictability. And this is too unlikely to change, especially when we consider transportation management in the freight arena. Margins have shrunk, customer demands have erupted, and the market has contracted, leading to a gruesome war for freight and capacity.

But the upside to the current freight scenario is that scalable, economic technology has caught up to the industry demands and requirements. It eliminates the chronic frictions, crunches and analyzes data for apt decision-making, weaves end-to-end connectivity between all stakeholders, and offers complete visibility. This readily available technology is Transport Management System (TMS).

Here, we’re going to highlight the main advantages of TMS that businesses can realize easily:

Feel the ROI

The more efficient the TMS, the more savings for businesses on their spending. A study revealed that early TMS adopters enjoyed an average freight savings of 8%, and less than 1/10th of it covered the TMS cost. Better network design, advanced load allocation strategy, route optimization, and actionable data-powered intelligence work in chorus to secure the savings.

Just like our TruKKer platform, which takes out the complexity from your freight transportation equation. Right from the moment shippers place a load request to unloading the freight at the destination, the platform expands its coverage to be always on the watch. Each transaction, route, asset quality is performance benchmarked against a set of proven metrics. Plus shippers, carriers can view the dynamics of the supply network through a customizable dashboard and bookmark the best outputs to work backward and build standardizations.

Become scalable while being flexible

Alongside your business, a SaaS TMS can scale itself and allows you to reap the digital benefits and evolve faster. As the TMS continually learns from each action point in the network, your business can tackle new challenges head-on and much faster. For example, if there is a sudden surge or drop in demand, your TMS can accordingly scale capacity for long-term savings.

And that’s what our TruKKer platform exactly does. The AI-powered algorithms evaluate several market behavior, dynamics to forecast demand and preempt capacity. Usually, these results are combined with other decision-making abilities to introduce businesses to reliable allocation through scalability.

Sustainable transportation is a natural upshot

Lucky us that today businesses and institutions have changed their attitude, acceptance level toward greener practices. It means the already underway global effort to reduce carbon footprint will pick up. New practices will emerge and businesses that draw upon these will have better means to secure sustainability.

By reducing empty miles, bundling of trips, better asset utilization, and seamless collaboration across the transportation network, TMS helps companies up their green game. Our TruKKer platform deeply analyzes and factors in the performance, asset quality, and the most frequented lanes and their geo-references for each truck. Using machine learning, our platform accurately predicts the ETAs for all incoming/outgoing vehicles and then bundles deliveries as per the geographic locations. Each year, our platform saves millions of dead miles otherwise causing by without-freight backhauls.

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